All MAKRAMA pieces are made to last. The metal as well as the yarn are both very robust. Metal parts have been treated with a technique that helps prevent loss of shine, yet it is important that you follow the care instructions we suggest. Your jewellery can lose shine over time if exposed to certain types of abrasion such as chlorine in swimming pools, beach sand…It is natural that your pieces become less shiny over time and they can be cleaned (see below), however they will last longer if you store them properly or take them off before engaging in certain activities. Exposure to certain chemicals or surroundings can compromise the integrity of your jewellery. This includes, but is not limited to: perspiration (sweat), perfumes / colognes, cleaning products, chlorine, salt water, and silver polishes, etc..
Mix a bit of soap with tepid water and rub the item with a soft brush. Toothbrushes are ideal for cleaning jewellery that has hard-to-reach corners. If there is still dirt on your piece, perform the same process in clean water. Important: gold plated pieces require more care. Intensive rubbing can damage the gold coating, so it is important to do this very gently.
A specific silver polishing cloth is a great tool to make your jewellery shine again in case it has been blackened over time. However, this technique will not remove any scratches or bumps the piece may have.
Your jewelry should always be kept away from any exposure to sunlight and away from warm places, ideally in a padded jewelry box or in a tarnish-resistant bag. Never use rubber containers, as they will cause your pieces to tarnish quicker and probably accelerate the darkening process. Wet places (such as the bathroom) are also not recommended for storing your jewellery pieces.
  • Important note
Makrama does not guarantee that the gold plating of our models will last forever. Gold-plated pieces are, by default, more fragile and prone to loose colour over time. How long it takes for your pieces to loose colour depends on multiple factors such as the use of chemicals on the skin, the level of body sweat or even the individual PH value of each person's skin. For this reason, it is especially important to take proper care of your gold-plated jewellery. .

If your jewellery loses the gold plating sooner than you expected, contact us at We have a personalised gold plating service, with which you can make your jewellery pieces recover their initial shine.