If the piece you ordered is in stock, it will be shipped within 1-3 working days after receipt of payment.

If the item is not in stock, we will start processing the order once we have received the payment. This can take between 1-7 days. If the item you ordered is not in stock, you will be notified by e-mail or it will be mentioned in the item description.

Packages will be shipped from Monday to Friday (working days).

Once the package is shipped, it takes:
* 2 - 3 days within Spain
* 3 - 6 days for most countries in Europe
* 6 -14 days for the rest of the world, although sometimes it can take up to 4 weeks depending on the country, but they are very rare occasions.

Attention: Once your order has been shipped, there can always be delays caused by events such such as strikes, holidays or unexpected incidents related to customs clearance. In the latter case, the buyer is responsible for the payment of any possible external fees.

If you do not receive your package within the time period detailed above, please contact us and we will investigate what happened. It is very likely that your order will have been returned to us. This can happen for example because of an incomplete shipping address or because the package was not collected on time.

We use certified mail or courier services. Please note that you can always ask us to send your order via express delivery.

We recommend selecting express delivery for orders of more than 3 products, which guarantees insurance and delivery confirmation.

* for personalised bracelets please ask us about the delivery time.


It is very important to know that for certified mail shipments, a confirmation signature is required. If nobody is at home to sign the delivery confirmation, the delivery courier will leave a note stating where and until when you can pick up your order. Usually it will be your local post office or the nearest office of the courier service that is handling the delivery.If it is a standard shipment (no signature necessary), the same can happen if nobody is at home. The delivery courier will leave a note stating where and until when you can pick up your order. Make sure you pick up your package on time, otherwise it will be sent back to us.

If the shipment is ordinary, the same can also happen if there is nobody in your house: the postman will leave you a notification and you will have to go and get your package within 15 calendar days.


As a rule, at the moment the package is handed over to the courier service, MAKRAMA is no longer responsible, as we do not know and cannot control what happens to it. If an order is returned to us or is lost due to a fault on our side, we will ship it again free of charge (only for registered shipments without delivery confirmation). Only in the event that the item you ordered is out of stock and cannot be resent, your money will be refunded. If it is your fault that the package is returned to us (for example you have given us a faulty or incomplete delivery address or you have not picked up the package in time) you can receive your order again by transferring the amount needed to ship your order again onto our account or through Paypal. Bank account details will be provided. Before we can send your order again, we need to make sure the package has been returned to us and is still in perfect condition.